For years, Kołobrzeg has been an absolute TOP popularity among seaside municipalities and the number of overnight stays. In the rankings of the most popular places on the Baltic Sea, it even surpasses such directions as Gdańsk, Świnoujście or Władysławo. Some might be upset by this information, for fear of too large crowds or the lack of available accommodation at attractive prices. Nothing could be more wrong. The well-developed accommodation and catering offer of Kołobrzeg, as well as the surrounding towns, such as Grzybowo, Dźwirzyno, Rogowo or Mrzeżyno, causes that tourist traffic is symmetrically distributed here and still allows you to rest in peace and intimately commune with the surrounding, unique nature. What makes Kołobrzeg so popular among tourists from Poland and abroad? Here are some reasons why you must visit this city.

Kołobrzeg – a health resort town

The Kołobrzeg health resort has over 200 years of tradition and the expansion of the spa offer, which constantly attracts countless visitors to the city. In Kołobrzeg, there are almost 30 sanatoriums and natural medicine facilities, both for adults and for children. The city of Kołobrzeg even has districts, commonly known as the Health Resort District, due to the accumulation of sanatorium and treatment centers in its area. A unique microclimate, clean air, rich in microelements and a characteristic seaside aerosol. In addition,brine springs, peloid depositsand spa mineral waters: Perła Bałtyku and Jantar, all of this make Kołobrzeg one of the most outstanding health resorts on the Baltic Sea.

Kołobrzeg beaches

The beauty of Kołobrzeg’s beaches is hard to describe in a few sentences. They combine the comforts and infrastructure of city beaches with the unquestionable small-town charm ofwild beaches. The entire length of the Kołobrzeg shoreline is over 12 kilometers. There are as many as three Baths here: Western, Central and Eastern, each with a slightly different atmosphere and a different recreational and tourist offer. The Kołobrzeg swimming pool has been awarded the “Blue Flag” status for over 10 years, i.e. awards for a sea bathing beach that meets the highest safety, water, beach and air cleanliness requirements, as well as a rich accompanying infrastructure. Along the Central Beach, there is Żeromski Park, over 30 hectares in size, with numerous paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Walks along Kołobrzeg’s beacheswill definitely be the most charming, out of high season.

Pier in Kołobrzeg

Undoubtedly, the beach and the Kołobrzeg pierare the first destination for every new tourist visiting Kołobrzeg. The structure of the pier is over 220 meters long and 9 meters wide. A walk through the Kołobrzeg pier is equally charming during the day and at night, thanks to the impressive light illumination, as it was installed on it during the last renovation. Visitors will enjoy the fact that the entrance to the pier in Kołobrzeg is free, and in its vicinity there are many good restaurants, shops with local products and souvenirs, as well as numerous attractions for children. From here there are beautiful views of the port, ships in and out, as well as hotels and sanatoriums along the shoreline.

Ports in Kołobrzeg

There are 3 different ports in Kołobrzeg: the Sea Port, the Military Port and the Yacht Port, located in the interior of the city on the Solna Island. The central port is the Sea Port, where we can find numerous moored ships and cutters, offers of sea cruises and fresh fish fryers. In the Military Port, we can admire thetorpedo boats and other warships that are part of the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla. However, in the yacht port, they will captivate us with their beauty and luxury – yachts and motor boats, as well as the modernSolna Marina.

Kołobrzeg Lighthouse

The Kołobrzeg Lighthousewas built at the mouth of the Parsęta Riveras early as 1770. It is almost 30 meters high, and on its top there is a terrace with a 360-degree panoramic view and the entire area, the Sea and War Port, beaches and the Baltic Sea and the city of Kołobrzeg. The whole building is exceptionally picturesque, brick, red structure, topped with a white roof.

The Old Town and the Town Hall of Kołobrzeg

What distinguishes Kołobrzeg from other places on the Baltic Sea coast is the simultaneous proximity to the beach and the historic city’s Old Town. A significant part of it was rebuilt and reconstructed after World War II, however, several unique historical objects have survived on it, unchanged for hundreds of years: gothic Basilica of St. Wniebowzięcia NMP, built in the 14th century, old elements of the city’s defense system and fortifications: theFuse Towerand the Prison Tower, and fragments of the fortifications of the Kołobrzeg Fortress. A definite pearl of Kołobrzeg’s architecture is the neo-gothic Town Hall from the beginning of the 19th century, the unusual shape of which resembles a medieval castle.

Cruises on the Baltic Sea

While on vacation in Kołobrzeg, it is necessary to treat yourself and your loved ones to a cruise on the waters of the Baltic Sea. You can choose from the rich offer of Kołobrzeg Passenger Shippingcruises and the offer of private carriers: domestic cruises, international cruises, e.g. to the island of Borholm, cruises around the roadstead of the Kołobrzeg port and the Baltic Sea, and specialized cruises, e.g. for fishermen and scuba divers. An unusual attraction for the whole family will be trips with stylized statics – Pirate and Viking, as well as cruises with a real warship torpedo.

Attractions for children

In Kołobrzeg, it is impossible to list the attractions prepared for the youngest guests visiting the city. Let’s start with the typical marine, i.e. the Oceanarium with hundreds of European and exotic species such as piranhas, sea turtles, lionfish, as well as reef and black tip sharks. Another attraction for children is the Mouse City, an exceptionally original place where the life of mice is presented in a very interesting way, in their stylized mini – “mouse city””. Muzeum 6D Maszoperia, i.e. an interactive presentation of the lifestyle of Polish coastal communities in the past. Other places worth visiting are: Piracka Adventure in Reduta Solna, Wild West amusement park in Zieleniewo, where there are an amusement park, Indian Village and Western City, as well as the Museum of Wax Figures in Kołobrzeg.

Hiking and biking trails

Hundreds of kilometers of well-maintained and marked routes, which are fragments of local, national and international routes. In Kołobrzeg, we can find picturesque bicycle routes, along the beaches and leading to the surrounding towns. The most popular of them is the bicycle route to Mrzeżyno, Ustronie Morskie, Dźwirzyno or the Nadmorski Park Zdrojowy. Also, hiking enthusiasts will not be bored. And we are not only talking about beautiful walks along the seashore towards Grzybowo. Other interesting routes have also been marked out in Kołobrzeg, such as the City Fortification Trailor an expedition along the coastal nature monuments.

Holiday apartments in Kołobrzeg – high standard, low prices

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