Kołobrzeg is a holiday destination for people looking for real sea attractions on the Baltic Sea. Nature, culture, entertainment, history – create the perfect holiday for yourself.

Get to know the unique Kołobrzeg

Kołobrzeg has been one of the most attractive sanatorium and spa destinations on the Baltic Sea for over 200 years. There are several dozen sanatoriums in the city and its immediate vicinity, attracting visitors with a wide range of health, healing and beauty treatments.

Discover the beauty and unique health-promoting properties of the nature of Kołobrzeg and the surrounding towns from the shores of the sea.

In the entire Kołobrzeg poviat, there are deposits of brine, peloid and mineral waters unique in the country and even Europe, characteristic only for this region. Their perfect complement is the extremely clean air rich in microelements, with a refreshing and nourishing sea breeze for the body. The whole is completed by kilometers of clean beaches with fine, fine sand. The areas of Kołobrzeg and its vicinity (including Grzybowo, Dźwirzyno, Ustronie Morskie) are strictly protected nature areas. Thanks to this, we can get to know the true face of the intact sea nature here. A holiday in this area is relaxation for both body and soul.

The most important facts

3 bathing areas
A pier with a length
220 m
3 ports – sea, military, yacht
Old town
Cycling routes

The Old Town of Kołobrzeg is vibrant with entertainment and culture.

Here you can go with your children for a family dinner, have a romantic dinner with your loved one or have a delicious drink with your friends. Kołobrzeg Old Town offers a wide range of bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and discos, tailored to the needs of every tourist. In addition to the gastronomic and entertainment offer, we will also be enchanted by beautiful monuments – the City Hall with a truly castle structure, the Fuse Tower or the Prison Tower, as well as fragments of historic walls. It is, next to the city’s greatest architectural attraction – the brick Lighthouse from the 18th century, the most interesting historical buildings that can be found in Kołobrzeg.

Are you passionate about sports?

Do you like to explore the world from the position of two wheels, or maybe your favorite pastime is water sports? Choose Kołobrzeg! Certainly, to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding cycling routes, you need to go to Kołobrzeg for a slightly longer vacation. Numerous Polish and international bicycle routes run along the Baltic Sea through Kołobrzeg. The routes have various levels of difficulty, from recreational, family and more professional ones. We will go on a picturesque journey from here, among others to Mielno, Ustronie Morskie and Świnoujście. The Baltic Sea in this part of Poland is not only beautiful, but also has excellent conditions for water sports, in particular windsurfing and kitesurfing. As many as 3 city bathing areas offer a wide range of water equipment rentals and safe and protected beaches.

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