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Many years of experience is a dedicated booking website with holiday apartments for rent. As an operator, we have been present on the market since 2009. During this time, we have developed an effective model of cooperation with apartment owners on behalf of whom we manage the rental.

We take care of the entrusted apartments as if we are our own, because real estate is our passion. We take care of business relations and nurture them for years. Our activities are aimed at the best possible occupancy and maximization of rental income. We guarantee satisfactory financial results and high quality of services.

A wide range of recipients

Every customer is important to us. High standards of guest service are our priority. We reach clients both in Poland and abroad, both private and business. We work with many foreign booking portals, thanks to which half of our guests are foreigners – a group that provides income also after the season.

Our many years of experience as well as proven and effective marketing tools allow us to achieve very good results and above-average occupancy.

IT solutions

We take care of continuous development. In 2023, we are not slowing down and plan to invest twice as much in innovation as ever. We focus on modern technologies and the development of our own brand. Our booking website has a friendly interface adapted to the current UX / UI standards and an extensive mobile version.

We have our own “tailor-made” online booking system. We constantly invest in various forms of communication, social media marketing, Google Ads campaigns, effective branding, positioning and organic traffic development.

Professional team

Our well-coordinated and motivated team consists of people with extensive experience in the hospitality and IT industries. We speak German, English and Russian. Every day we face various challenges and set ourselves ambitious goals. We try to develop our skills and raise our qualifications.

We do what we like best and we believe that we do it best. We cultivate creativity and good communication in the team, because we know that it translates into the results of our work.

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